Mountain Nyiragongo Hiking in DR Congo

Mountain Nyiragongo has the world’s largest lava lake.

Therefore, Hiking Mountain Nyiragongo is one of the most challenging activities to do while in the Democratic Republic of Congo but once you are at its summits, you will surely forget all the hurdles you faced along the way.

This Volcanoe is located inside Africa’s oldest park (Virunga National Park) in the eastern province of Democratic Republic of Congo.

The hiking permit costs US$ 300. The starting point is ‘’Kibati Ranger Station’’ and it will take you almost 5 to 7 hours in reaching the mountain’s summits.

This bubbling lava Lake is perched deep in the Mountain Nyiragongo summit crater and during the night, the visibility is usually good.

Scientists have descended from the summit to the bottom of the caldera but that’s of course out of reach for ordinary travelers/hikers.

The ordinary hikers are always emphasized to be careful at the volcano rim and you should not even get any plan/idea of descending towards the lava Lake as it is very risky and deadly.

The molten lava bubbles and flow endlessly creating captivating patterns into the surface of Mount Nyiragongo Lava Lake.

Viciously glowing lava Lake astonishes the rare visitors, who dare climb on top/summits of the Mountain Nyiragongo, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Spending a night at Nyiragongo crater edge is an adventure of a lifetime and a photographer’s dream come true. Your first glimpse of the lava lake will surely be a surprising one and will forever remain etched into your memory.

Up next will be you taking a lot of photos of this magnificent lava Lake, as many as you can, such that you can show to your friends and relatives back home to inspire them too.

There are only seven lava Lakes in the world, which are ranked as “persistent” or “nearly persistent” during the last decades.

As of now, only four of the lava Lakes are ranked as persistent and active, and these include; Mount Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Erta Ale in Ethiopia, Kilauea in Hawaii, and Mount Erebus in Antarctica.

Mount Nyiragongo Lava Lake is the largest lava lake in the world on with a maximum diameter of 700 meters. The size and depth of the lava lake vary because every eruption changes the surroundings.

As the level of Nyiragongo Lava Lake is tied into the pressure inside the magmatic system under the volcano, it gives researchers valuable information about the magmatic activity.

In simplified language Nyiragongo Lava Lake helps researches to forecast Nyiragongo Mountain’s future eruptions.

At the Nyiragongo volcano rim, you can observe the churning lava lake at the bottom of the collapsed crater. You can see – and hear – how the lava lake boils and spits fire as the hot gases explode.

It is a fantastic sight that you will get and well worth the grueling hike to the Mount Nyiragongo summit! The hiking of this spectacular mountain (Nyiragongo) will be enjoyed within two days; the first day will be for ascending/hiking up well as the second day will be for you to descend down.

On your descending day, you will first have an early morning breakfast and thereafter descend from the summits of the mountain while enjoying the different stunning views of Lake Kivu, the epic Virunga National Park and the city of Goma.

Later on, once you are at the bottom of the mountain, you will then be transferred to your next destinations in either Democratic Republic of Congo or Rwanda.

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