Packing List for Gorilla Trek in Congo

Packing List for Gorilla Trek in DR Congo

For gorilla trekking safaris, DR Congo is a very perfect place to go, more especially for travelers who are very avid to mountain gorillas.

The mountain gorillas are classified as endangered in the world and they can only be trekked from three countries; Uganda, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of Congo, with an overall population of over 1000 mountain gorillas.

Uganda and DRC are however incredible venues for mountain gorilla trekking safaris. Each nations comprises two national parks all protecting these rare apes.

Meanwhile before heading to DR Congo for the memorable excursion, you should be aware of what to pack for your trip and below is a list of some of the basics you should not forget on your gorilla trek trip:

A gorilla permit

For every country eligible, to conduct the gorilla trekking safaris, you should possess a permit for that country. The permit is the most essential for you to enjoy the lifetime experiences. In DR Congo it costs $400 per person.

Getting the gorilla permit yourself is disturbing as there are very many clients on the desk waiting for the permit due to its high demand.

Fortunately this permit can be booked for you easier through a trusted tour agency.

On arrival you don’t have to disturb yourself looking for the permit, instead it will be given to you immediately after meeting your tour agency’s representatives.

Advance booking is always very essential and worthy!

Light weight hiking boots

Trekking the mountain gorillas in their natural habitats is very arduous as it requires you to hike since the mountain gorillas live in mountainous places as their name suggests.

The search for these gentle primates can take like 2 to 4 hours to find depending on where they spent their previous night.

Therefore, you should pack light weight hiking boots which will not be a problem to you during your trekking for the gorillas in either Bwindi or Mgahinga National Parks.

Good HD Cameras

Definitely for any trip to be a trip it has to involve photography because it is what you will show to your friends, children, school-mates, and relatives back home and make them feel the joy you attained from your Uganda gorilla safari.

Those memories will even last long for years and years and your grandchildren will even be able to enjoy your memories through the photos.

You should therefore pack a good HD Camera that can take a fantastic shoot even when you are far from the gorillas because you will not be allowed to be too close to them and instead you will view them from a distance of at least 7 meters away.

Perfect clothing

You should also put much emphasis on which clothing attire you are taking for your gorilla trip.

Due to the untimely weather conditions, you are advised to pack both the heavy and light clothes such that in case of any weather change, you are very okay.

The other essential things to pack include; hats, garden gloves, sun glasses, and binoculars.


Porters are always found in the Parks and it is very advisable for you to have one such that he assists you in carrying your luggage.

This will make you free and enable you hike the mountainous forests with ease since you are not carrying anything, hence getting a successful and memorable trip.

The porters are very affordable and you will even realize that they are too cheap according to the amount of money they ask for and the work they do for you.


Since it takes some good time to find the gorillas in their natural habitats after a very long tracking, it is a best option for you to move with the energy giving snacks which you will eat as you are trekking the gentle primates.

The snacks will really give you energy to go on with the activity and hunger will not be your problem.

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